Terracotta Pavilion House






350 m²




Tbilisi, Georgia


Lead Architects: Dimitri Shapakidze, Irakli Abashidze;
Architects: Tamar Tekhova, Tata Koiava,
3 D Modelling: Dimitri Kenchoshvili, Kakha Vachadze;
Photographs: Giorgi Mamasakhlisi


Navigating mountainous topography, our architectural pursuit led to crafting a pavilion-style residence on a leveled expanse, basking in abundant southern sunlight. This dwelling rests upon a purpose-built, straight stage, overcoming challenges through economical land redistribution and terrain modifications. Clad between light columns in a contrasting hue, the house harmonizes with its surroundings.

The fusion of sky and daylight, encapsulated within the architectural prism, introduces a fifth element, erasing boundaries between interior and exterior realms. This seamless connection resonates through symbiotic reflections, intertwining inner and outer spaces.

A deliberate choice of placing a single-story house on a platform creates a stacked aesthetic, departing from a conventional boxy structure upon initial observation.

Emphasizing spatial dimensions, the surroundings establish a dichotomy between public and private realms. The lower rooms, including the bathroom, extend to individual patios, enriching the living experience.

An owner's botanical affinity spurred the creation of a conservatory, transforming the domestic garden into an oasis curtain that frames panoramic views of the Caucasus.

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